Isola di Su Giudeu

The island of Su Giudeu is at the center of the bay that encloses our beach, is one of the most representative landscape elements of the beaches of Chia.

Cala Cipolla

Cala Cipolla is located just before the headland of Capo Teulada from which you can admire the lighthouse tower and is surrounded by pine and juniper trees.
The landscape of this coastal stretch includes the stretch of beaches, ponds and cliffs around the Tower of Chia, with all the South Coast, which stretches west to Cape Teulada.

Spiaggia Di Cala De Sa Musica

It can be reached exclusively by sea. It 's the first set that meets immediately after the islet on Cardolinu heading east. It’ s dominated by a high promontory that had been built of the same name which nuraghe not today no trace remains except a few stones in the thick vegetation.

La Torre Di Chia

The tower, of Spanish origin dating from the seventeenth century, is the symbol of Chia. Visible from all the beaches, the night when the floodlights illuminate it by making its image more attractive, stands on a promontory guarding the acropolis of the ancient Punic city of Bithia. It can be reached on foot within 5 minutes starting from the port taken by surprise in front of a beautiful landscape that surrounds the background of blue sky and sea coast to the Lighthouse.

Faro di Capo Spartivento

The Lighthouse is located on a cliff overlooking the homonymous head, and his vision from the sea creates an evocative sight of our coast.